What Sets Us Apart

Milonga is a unique production company. We are a rare mix of world class creative and business minds with a finely tuned understanding of what is needed to launch successful global productions. We combine professional excellence with a passion for Latin America and the creative spirit. The result is a truly balanced approach that we believe is essential for taking Latin American media to unprecedented levels of success on the global stage.

A number of factors set us apart from the rest:

A Focus on Latin America
Milonga is devoted to the worldwide promotion of Latin American media. We aim to distill the best of Latin American production talent into a single platform for world repute in both artistic and business circles.

Successful Track Record
Milonga has a team of world-class professionals. They have founded and managed billion dollar enterprises and have shown an exceptional ability to develop successful transnational ventures.

Expertise in Raising Capital
We have extensive experience and networks in raising venture finance and structuring transactions.

Leading Industry Expertise
Milonga has profound expertise in media and entertainment. We have led the transnational development of some of the worlds leading production and entertainment conglomerates.

A Unique Cross Cultural Approach
We are a truly international team. We have worked, adapted and succeeded in North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, Central and East Asia. The team speaks over 12 languages and understands the requirements for effective transnational success.
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