Milonga Media is a leading niche finance and production company. We are dedicated to globalizing the vast potential of Latin American media and entertainment. Our mission is to build and internationally exploit a portfolio of leading Latin entertainment-based intellectual properties.

Our vision is the successful mass-promotion of select high potential media properties on the global stage. We enact this vision with a powerful combination of financial expertise, creativity and proven marketing skills. The international nature of our business, operated from our offices in Hollywood and Latin America, is aimed at identifying and commercializing quality properties that are in demand from distributors and audiences around the world.

Though our media may be diverse, a single ethos resonates in every milonga product. This is passion and curiosity for rendering exotic subject matter in an insightful and moving manner. We work with four principal areas.

· Feature Films and Shorts
· Television Programs
· Music and Performing Arts
· Digital Media

Milonga Media's range of engagements include: acting as producer, co-producer and/or executive producer; acquiring media rights to be marketed to a distributor or a particular territory; providing finishing funds for high potential media that have exhausted their budgets; acting as producer's sales agent to represent the sale of media to a distributor; acquiring outright or buying options on scripts/manuscripts/source codes; and devising creative financing programs to enhance production budgets.
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