Milonga Media is an affiliate of Retail Ventures International (RVI), a venture development firm that specializes in the global commercialization of high potential lifestyle products and media and entertainment. Milonga functions as RVI’s investment arm for Latin American media properties.

Milonga was formed in 2002 by RVI partners with a view of converging Latin America's premiere media talent into a single platform for successful worldwide promotion. Our founding principle was to create an interactive community of directors, producers and financiers in Hollywood and Latin America whose combined impact would facilitate the development of globally successful productions.

Milonga’s team has a solid nucleus for success. The principal founders have exceptional track records in venture development.

A Unique Balance of Creative and Commercial Minds
Milonga Media is a unique mixture of vanguard creativity and leading business expertise. We appreciate the value in matching world-class creativity with top management skills.

An Industry Leader
We have led the transnational development of some of the World's leading consumer products companies and entertainment conglomerates.

A Global Catalyst
We have worked in North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, Central and East Asia. We speak over 12 languages; which include Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German, Norwegian, and Russian.
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